Car Service Vs Parking in Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Well you are looking at the title and wondering, what is this guy talking about? How could it be that a luxury car service is cheaper than driving my own car to Dulles Airport. Well it turns out that in reality it is, but of course the airports don’t want you to know that, they would love to charge you an arm and a leg for parking because once you are there you don’t have any other option but to park in their expensive lots. Thanks to the internet people are becoming smarter shoppers and realizing that a lot of things that they are used to doing are not the best options. I will display how booking a limo or a car service is less expensive than driving.

Great so I have checked out parking rates for Dulles International Airport (IAD).

Daily parking is $17 per day at Dulles Airport. Lets assume that you are going from downtown DC to Dulles Airport. The total distance for a round trip would be about 60 miles. Lets also pretend that you will be gone for two weeks. To translate the above mentioned into dollars would equal to $17 times 14 = $238 plus the gas for traveling 60 miles at current gas prices which is $3.79. You would spend roughly $15. So 238+15= $253.

With the same principle if you will be gone for 10 days your total adds to $185. Now the bottom line is, parking in Dulles Airport is expensive. But why should you pay so much for parking when you can get a Bradley Airport Limo Service service to Dulles Airport for a flat rate of $89. Round trip will cost you only $178. You will travel in a luxury sedan. Your car will wait 15 minutes early from your scheduled pick up time. You will have cold water in the back waiting for you magazines and more. Whether it is a vacation or a business trip it would still make sense to book a car service since it costs less than parking and comes with so many benefits also. It turns out that a luxury car service could be almost the same as a cab ride after comparing cab rates from DC to Dulles Airport which in average costs about $73 during no traffic. But we all are aware how our area is. If its not rush hour there is construction, lane closures etc. so you might end up paying almost the same to the cab driver. How many clean cabs have you seen in DC? With iced cold bottled water and mints in the back. Or a driver that is very polite and in a suite? We all know that the answer is – None. At the end its up to you how to get to the airport but I wanted just to show you guys in a short article that it might be worth trying a car service next time you travel. I assure you will love it.