Poker Sites Are a Great Way to Win Satellite Seats

Many of the players that have made it to the final tables over the last decade have all gotten their via satellite tournaments that were held on one of the many different poker sites that are on the Internet.

The beauty of online poker is that very little money is needed in order to play in big money tournaments. Poker sites will often offer satellite tournaments that are done in steps where a player can work their way up to some of the larger tournaments that the idn poker rooms hold. They are not only gaining experience, but a shot at a very serious payday as well.

Poker rooms will set up a tournament with a $1 entry where every 10 players will get a ticket to another tournament. Once they get into that tournament, they may advance one out of every ten players again to play in a weekly $100 tournament. Poker rooms do this because it is a great way to keep their small players interested and loyal to the site.

Think about it, would you play on online poker rooms where you would win a chance to play in the world series of poker championship for a $1 or would you rather play on poker sites where your $1 entry might get you back $50 for winning everything? Satellites take some work to win, but all poker sites have them because they know small players will always take a shot at winning the lottery when there is very little invested.